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Published by Bruno Guillaumie - CNC <> | Keywords : WP ; Euroshell ; Management

Work Package 1

Project management


To coordinate activities, so that the objectives are achieved and contractual obligations met.

To manage the financial and other administrative aspects of the project.

To coordinate the preparation of activity and financial reports.

To communicate with the European Commission on all contractual and management issues.


Description of work and role of partners

The WP is led by CNC and will use its personnel. The project coordinator will liaise with the European Commission on all administrative, financial, reporting and operating matters.

 For efficiency, the quarterly control and check points will be combined where possible with other meetings, and will ensure that the project is going to (operational) plan and to budget.
 Internal audits will be prepared for each major activity (e.g. workshops) so as to facilitate the management of this important part of the operating costs.
 Two committees will be created at the outset of the project: The Administrative, Financial and Legal Co-ordination Committee (AFLCC) will be the core decision-making body of the project and the Executive and Drafting Committee (EDC) is the core organizational and executive body.
 Both bodies will meet on a regular basis and a fast, reliable and easily accessible communication system will be implemented through the intensive use of electronic communications (e.g. e-mail, web based exchanges, call and videoconferencing).

For a logical implementation of the work, the work package is organized in 5 tasks:

T1.1: AFLCC (partners 1 to 18)

T1.2: EDC (partners 1, 2 ,3, 9, 13)

T1.3: Overall management (partners 1 to 18)

T1.4: Website with a public section and a restricted one reserved to the consortium members (partners 1, 2, 9)

T1.5: Audit, respect to the requirements of the European Commission (partner 1) 

Last modified on the donderdag 06 maart 2014